Built-in Fingerprinting Protection


I would like built-in digital fingerprinting protection similar to what is offered by the chrome extension Canvas Defender. Brave is great at offering protection and I really appreciate it. I always want more and I know this will be low on the list but fingerprinting is a real issue.

I use Windows 10
Brave version: 0.21.24

Thank you!


Hi @Redeemed,

I’m not sure if you know that Brave already have fingerprinting protection. By default on desktop, it’s block 3rd party fingerprinting. You can change the default settings at Preferences > Shields or per site settings via lion icon at top right.

Also All About Fingerprinting Protection Mode and How do I turn on Browser Fingerprinting Protection and make sure that it's working?.



I see that and I love it I just don’t know if it offers the same fingerprinting protection as the extension. I tried to do research first but couldn’t find it. Thank you for the response!


Hello @Redeemed
You might find reading this interesting :

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