Built-in Download manager/Dialog box (Cent Browser-esque)

Good day fellow Bravers,

I am here to request a feature that I (personally) feel should be included in all browsers. I recently moved to Brave from the Cent Browser. In Cent Browser (also chromium based), they have a number of unique features built-in. One of my extreme favorites and what I am requesting for Brave specifically is their download feature.

Unlike most browsers (Brave included thus far), they have a much more user friendly, and intuitive system in place. Allow me to show you screenshots of what I mean…

Here you can see what happens when I click on something to download. Instead of automatically downloading to a download folder, or opening without even asking where to save to, we get this nice and handy prompt.

Now, after we choose our desired method of downloading, we take a look at our download BOX and not an ugly bar at the bottom of our screen that we have to go to a whole separate part of the browser to check our download history, or reopen a forgotten file…


As you can see, there is no bottom bar. All of our downloads are nice and neatly placed in this download box with a built in button to check our downloads. It also has a progress bar in the form of a forming circle within the icon.

Now, why should this idea be considered? There are a multitude of reasons. For one, we no longer would have to rely on download managers downloaded from shady sites or have to rely on chrome extensions that only do part of what we actually want (the extensions only have the box in example 2. They don’t offer the options to save or save and open, along with the directory you want to save to AND the directory history you’ve used in the past!). The less extensions we have to download, the less risk we are at for malware laced extensions and resource hogging extensions. Another reason we should have this feature, convenience. I know that may be low on the list of good reasons, but it truly is one thing that has brought me back to Cent browser in the past VS Chrome or Opera or Firefox.

I hope you will consider my request, and hope the Brave community sees the value in having this built into the browser.



The download bar on the bottom of the screen takes a lot of real estate.

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Agreed. Not only that but having the convenience of being able to choose where to save each download and opening it at the same time is extremely attractive. I’m even thinking of forking the brave browser’s core source and attempting to build a similar component to Cent Browser’s download experience… That’s how desperate I am to have this feature.

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Right, but that doesn’t give you the option to Open it also. Just to save it. It also doesn’t hold a history of previous save directories.

I too need to have a built-in download manager. My need is based on the fact that my internet can be a little unreliable at times, so I need the manager to pick up the connection whenever it’s lost.