Bugs with tabs and bookmarks when internet is disconnected and brave opens then internet is reconnected



Windows 10 x64 Pro v. 1703

Brave 0.18.14

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Disconnect the internet.
  2. Open Brave.

Expected result: favicons and links in tabs still show, even if tabs don’t load.

Actual result: most Favicons do not show (which is problematic if the setting is on show Favicons only) and many tabs show about:error in the URL bar and Error in the tab name, and a blank page.

Steps to fix the issue as an end user:
3. Connect to the internet. Brave still doesn’t fix the favicons or tabs.
4. Close and reopen Brave. The favicons show, but some tabs still have Error.

About:error message (lost URL)
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