Bugs over all, Just too damned many


Got so irritated with little bugs and lacks of basic features in Brave today that I finally just closed it as I was cursing it out. So my comment is, create a bigger and more dedicated team to quickly identify bugs and missing features and eliminate the bugs and add the features. Just to give four examples: 1) The bottom taskbar in Windows 7 Professional will not come out of autohide when the Brave window is maximized. 2) Videos on FaceBook don’t expand to full screen in Brave. 3) Almost no plugins/add-ons - no free choice (especially needs to support UBlock Origin). 4) No color controls.


Hey Eric - I’m no expert but there was an update released today that you could take for a spin and I thought this might help:

  1. Sorry, Mac user, can’t help with this one.

  2. May want to check under Preferences > Security > Full Screen Content (Options: Always allow, Always ask) - maybe try toggling if it is in the ‘Always ask’ and see if that helps.

  3. Appears that there is a very technical approach to “testing” add-ons while easier functionality may come later (see post on Medium). You shouldn’t really need uBlock Origin as Tracking and Privacy protection are built into the browser. Granted you may want options for this protective later but I think the built in system is effective.

  4. Can you be more specific?



On point 3, Brave doesn’t block all ads and does not allow the key functionality of right clicking on any page element and blocking it with a filter. That’s key. Brave is just not nearly as good.

On 4, colors… I want a high res, black background, with lime green text and yellow links. As far as I can tell, there are no controls at all on Brave that allow me to change colors and shades of background, text, borders, etc.


It’s a known issue. You can track it here https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/4473

Brave currently not blocking 1st party ads. Issue logged for right-click blocking https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/7521

Also check about:adblock for additional filter and custom filter.



Just as a reminder from a non-expert and non-developer, and without implication or accusation…

Brave is Free Software. That means you can use Brave for whatever you want, you can look at it’s code, make changes to it as you see fit, copy it and share it to whomever you please, including back to the Github repository where the code is hosted, or by writing extensions for Brave. Also, you probably didn’t pay for it. ALSO, also, there are job openings.

With all that being said, using software that doesn’t work right really sucks and I am personally more of a Firefox person.

I truly, truly do not mean to minimize your frustration. I sympathize and your frustration is valid. I just say this because some people don’t know about the opposing relationships that Free Software and non-Free Software have.


I am thinking about investing in Basic Attention Token (BAT) which is why I am testing the browser and reporting bugs.

If I am going to invest in something I need to know that it works.

I’m noticing many basic bugs that were reported long ago, and still exist.

The fact that some people are already investing in BAT means that there is funding for development, just as with Firefox (which also gives out its browser for free).

So I am commenting to express frustration that a great idea which I would like to support is having basic development problems. And that is making me hesitate.

Eric Brooks


Also remember that Brave is still in the beta phase, we haven’t reached version 1.0 yet either.

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