Bugs. Non full screen browser links dead and google authentication problem


Hi. Thanks for creating this browser. It’s a super experience with such fast load times!

I run Brave on big monitors, and often use to browser windows on one monitor. The problem is that some functions on a few web pages does not work once I reduce the width of the browser below around 2/3 of the monitor size.

Example on Facebook.com. Lots of icons does not create a hyperlink effect when hovering over the icons. It’s impossible to click them. Like the top icons on the right side. Profile, Friends, Messenger and Updates. The close icon when you enter the “What’s on your mind” window does not work either. Once I widen the window, it works like expected.

There’s also a problem with google authentication. I use the “click on phone” function to accept new authentications. Before the “click to accept” appears on the phone, the browser window changes to an error window prematurely.

I hope this is something you can take a look at. I’ll have a hard time changing to brave only with such problems.


I experience the same problem you describe with Google authentication - the browser does not allow me to “click to accept”. Brave generates an error/timeout window INSTANTANEOUSLY every time so it is not possible to authenticate in this way. I am forced to use an alternate method. Furthermore, despite me clicking on “do not ask again on this computer”, Brave forces me to authenticate each time, unlike other browsers.
Windows 10, Brave 0.16.9 (although this happened on older Brave versions as well).

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