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I am a huge fan of Brave, but I’m sticking with Chrome until some of the bugs are worked out, here’s why:

(I’m using Windows 10, btw)
1.) Installed Brave, but it never goes fullscreen when I launch it, just tries to get the same size as the screen. I need it to go fullscreen when I launch it. I found posts in the community here saying it will be fixed soon™ and to right-click->Properties->enable Maximized option on the shortcut. Did that. But, then when I pin the icon to the taskbar (where I want to be able to launch Brave from, along with my other apps), it won’t pick up on that “Maximized” setting and therefore won’t run fullscreen. Irritating.

2.) After getting past this and using it for awhile, I noticed my settings wouldn’t save. I tried saving a few things in the settings panel (disabling spell check, changing default search engine to DuckDuckGo, and a couple of other things), but they just wouldn’t save.

3.) The “menu bar” along the very top would appear at random on certain tabs, and then not on other tabs. I never enabled it to be there, and it shouldn’t just show up like that. It’s obviously a bug because I didn’t change anything, I just opened new tabs, browsed around a bit, and sometimes it was there, sometimes it wasn’t. Sometimes I’d even select an open tab and the menu bar would be visible there along the top, then select another tab, then go back to that tab and it would be gone. Very strange, very buggy.

4.) I tried the “nuclear option” of uninstalling Brave and deleting the %username%\AppData\Local\brave and %username%\AppData\Remote\brave directories, restarting, etc (per the post in this community forum). I then reinstalled Brave. But the above issues persisted and I still can’t save settings.

So, I’m going to let Brave be for awhile and use Chrome for now, until these bugs get fixed. I love Brave and the BAT and want to see it succeed which is why I’m taking the time to post this. All the best!


Can you guys please allow us to use the Ghostery extension with Brave? What do you think about it? Does it step on Brave’s toes too much? Thx.


Thanks for the report @oceansurf,

It’s a known bug and the fix likely will landed in 0.20.x
Temporary workaround is right click Brave shortcut > Properties > Set to maximized

cc @suguru on this. Not seeing similar issue reported before AFAIK. Can you tell your Brave version? You can type about:brave in URL bar then copy paste the info from there.

You can hide menu via Preferences > General > Enable Hide the menu bar by default.

Hope that can help,


Thanks, eljuno.

I’m using the latest version (I just downloaded it before posting that original post).

Yeah, I found that, but it doesn’t work when you “Pin to taskbar”.

This doesn’t fix it, since the settings won’t save. And it shows up randomly, comes and goes on its own.

How do I “cc” someone on here? (@suguru).

Thanks again.


I haven’t noticed that issue. If you have consistent steps to reproduce it, please share them with us :slightly_smiling_face:


Hmm, ok, well, I’ve encountered it three times so far on a vanilla Windows 10 installation… The steps are in my original post.


You can do same steps for icon in taskbar. Right click Brave shortcut > right click Brave > Properties > Maximized.


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