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Hey Everyone, we initially reported this via Twitter but were asked to post here, so here goes:

We’ve experienced some issues lately in our testing of Brave as related to video playback.

The first major issue is a lack of ability to load more than 2-3 tabs featuring video playback before the UI/UX is affected (slowdowns, soft crashes, etc.). It does not matter if the video is playing or not, once it is initialized we see this bug. This may be due to a leak, because of the second issue, as detailed below.

The second issue is that Brave is not releasing all the resources being initialized by the video player. This is what my task manager on Windows 10 looks like with Brave closed for over 12 hours:

When in this state, it also prevents Windows from sleeping or turning off the displays while idle. In order to clear this state, the tasks must be forcibly ended.



Thanks for bringing the issue here from Twitter @CastleOS - it helps having more characters.

We’ll investigate and follow up.


@CastleOS can you provide us with some additional details to help with our investigation?

  1. Can you provide the Brave version and OS info this was observed from?

  2. Can you provide some URLs where video was viewed so we can attempt to reproduce?

  3. Can you confirm if this was for web video in general, or video viewed from torrents (or both)?

Thanks again,


Hey Luke, by number:

  1. 0.13.4, Windows 10 fully up to date

  2. We were seeing this with multiple websites. I’m guessing you are interested in video format, but I don’t have that info without reproducing myself (which I can do later).

  3. I’ve never tried to play video from torrents, in fact I only learned of that feature a couple days ago lol. My bug specifically refers to the built in video player, though I’d be happy to test the torrent player feature if needed.



Also, I’ve wondered if this is a driver issue, but I’ve experienced it with the last two WHQL Nvidia drivers.


Oh, one other note. This is usually correlated with a soft crash that causes the video player to turn green. Refreshing the page without restarting the browser does allow the video to play. I cannot say for sure whether this correlation is 100% or not, however. Sorry for the lack of details here, we weren’t testing this specifically and discovered it accidentally during other usage and testing.


Apologies for the delay, @CastleOS - but wanted to follow up and say thanks again for providing all of the info that you’ve shared here regarding this issue. Really, really helpful.

I have shared the info you provided for our team to investigate further.

If you happen to repro again in the wild and are able to capture anything else that you think may be useful, feel free to add it here.

We’ll be sure to update too from our end.


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