Bugs in Brave Search in Brave Browser on mobile phone

Description of the issue:
The following problems are on mobile phone only, not on pc!

• It is not possible to scroll in “Brave Search” while typing in “Brave Search”, e.g.: scrolling trough search suggestions when typing in the search bar or scrolling trough text when typing feedback.
• It is really hard, if not impossible, to zoom in on a specific image and stay zoomed in when clicked on in “Brave Image Search” without going to another image.
• No arrows in “Brave Image Search” to orient trough images (this also applies to the pc) .
• When I click on image in “Brave Image Search” there is a display problem. (the following two images give an example of the display problem in vertical and horizontal screen position)

Brave Version (check About Brave):
I am using “Brave Search Beta” in “Brave Browser Version 1.26.74”, last updated on 30 jun 2021.

Operating System:
The problems I experience are on a mobile phone (motorola one vision).