Bug when trying to change payment method for Brave Talk

I cannot change my payment method on my Brave Talk account. I encounter two bugs:

  1. When clicking “Edit payment”, it takes me to Stripe’s billing portal, but it shows “No current plans”.

  2. When I click “Add payment method” and enter my card information, it shows, “Your card was declined.” There is no further troubleshooting information provided. I called my bank and they don’t see any failed or declined transactions on their end.

I’m a developer and I’m familiar with Stripe. Will you please check your Stripe dashboard for my failed transaction and tell me what’s going on?

I don’t know how to DM you, but if you can see the email address on my account here, it’s the same one I’m trying to use in your Stripe portal.


Hello again, I still cannot enter my credit card. Your interface shows that it was declined. I called the bank and they show no declines on their end. Can you contact me directly so we can work out payment?