Bug : website imgur.com

Developer Channel v0.55.2 , with Windows 10 x64


1/ go to the imgur.com website and login (here identified with a Twitter account)
2/ the window does not appear and i cannot to select and add an image when I click on this button:

3/ I disabled all blockages (the lion’s head is grayed out) and allowed popup windows to be displayed
4/ I disconnected my account imgur and I identified myself again
5/when I click on this button, the window still does not appear.

Normally, it is a Windows Explorer window that should be displayed

If you want additional information, do not hesitate.

same problem to add a file in Google Drive
(for download no problem)

Thanks for the report! I am able to reproduce this and will be relaying the information to the appropriate team. Will return when I have more information or a workaround.

I disabled all extensions. Now it works properly for imgur and Drive.

I found the extension causing this problem: "ImTranslator: Translator, Dictionary, Voice "

Next time, I will disable all extensions before creating a message.

I wrote a comment here