Bug: v1.7.102 Banking page freezes

Description of the issue:
When visiting bank site and before I type to put my login credentials…browser page freezes for a good 5-6 seconds. I also tried putting shields down and same occurrence. This is the same bug that version 1.5.120 had and was fixed in an update.

This issue is not present in other mobile browsers like Firefox etc.

Can you check if this happens on Chrome? Have you tried visiting the page before? If so can you try clearing cache and try again?

On Chrome the bank site works flawless. On Brave there is a pause of 5secs when trying to input my user ID.

Clearing history/cache/cookies/etc does not resolve the issue. :frowning:

This same issue was happening in v1.5.120 then resolved when Brave supplied a newer v1.5.120 update. Now its back again.

The bank site is popularbank.com

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