Bug.. the tracker counter on new tab keep running suddenly


Keep switching between tabs. Suddenly found the adblocker counter keep running really too fast. It stopped only I switch to a new tab typed in the address bar of the new tab.
You can see two counter before and after this bug. It still keep running as of now.
Trackers 1360 Ads blocked 15,145 HTTPS Upgrades 230 Estimated Time Saved 14 minutes
(Now… Bug)
Trackers 313,826 Ads blocked 15,193 HTTPS Upgrades 230 Estimated Time Saved 4.6 hours !!!
Still running…
Trackers 410,474 Ads blocked 15,234 HTTPS Upgrades 230 Estimated Time Saved 5.9 hours !!
Finally stopped here…

To give more info on when it happened:
I was watching a video on espncricinfo.com website. While making a new tab it happened. After closing this website the counter stopped by itself. It was running crazy until that time.

Win 10 Version 0.57.2 Chromium: 70.0.3538.67 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)


Brave Browser Stats skyrocketing without additional browsing

Man that Trackers Blocked count sure is having some trouble lately.
Looking into this now.


I’m back!
Looks like we know about this one as well. Issue logged here:


Just found this out. The counter runs crazily when one of the opened tab has this page. www.espncricinfo.com

Please check whether this is related to specific pages like this. Just now noticed this on my laptop.


Not sure I’m seeing it. Its definitely increased but by a reasonable/expected amount…” is what I was starting to say before I took a second look at the new tab page. Hoooooly momma! At least its fun to watch!

Great catch! Thanks for pointing it out. Will be logging this today for sure. :fist_right: :fist_left:


Great. Happy (!) that it’s reproducible at your end.