[BUG?] The size of updates

Before many many years (6 years ago), Google introduced the “Delta updates” to the Play store.

Instead of downloading the whole APK each time an app is updated only the changes are downloaded as a “Delta update”.

Saving bandwidth, saving time, saving money, saving energy, saving the planet.

Why every Brave update has to be beyond 80MB ?
While Chrome updates are single digit updates.

Attached a screenshot(s), and link(s) explaining “Delta Updates”

Actually “Delta updates” was introduced way before 2016 where it started actually showing the update size, which wasn’t displayed in play store until 2016 but the technology was already implemented.

Is anybody else getting large update size when updating?

If you are reading this, please share your update size on Android Play store.

I had update sizes of 80MB and 40MB on different Galaxy phones.
Both stable channel.

It’s problem in ur device I am only getting updates in single digit

I checked my latest Google Play update and that was version 1.39.123 — not my current version due to issues and me trying to solve them by sideloading pre-releases but I digress.

The update was 2,84 MB so something’s not quite right on your end with the sizes of the updates.

This is on my tablet: SM-T500 (Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 2020) and my phone: SM-G980F (Samsung Galaxy S20).

my second device:

on all my devices, other browsers (Chrome, beta, WebView) are fraction of the update size of Brave.

why is this?

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This is on my older device, Nexus 5X Android 8.1.0
All browsers about 80MB, really strange.
What’s going on?

This is the biggest difference in update size, both updates from same date.

Brave: 49 MB
Chrome: 74 KB (Kilobytes)

Should this be moved to “Android Bugs” ?

this is on my Galaxy A30s
again, huge difference between Brave and other browsers/apps.

also Brave update size is NICE :slightly_smiling_face:

My most recent update was 58mb, which seemed oddly large.

OP has a point. Apparently, not every app on Play Store can get delta upgrades. @onkarjha2003 Can you share your model version where you are getting single digit Brave update size?

This is on my Galaxy A50 Android 11


Again today, just like every update.
Brave 77MB
Chrome 2MB

Brave update size almost 40 times larger.

Why not use Delta updates?
Why every update I have to download 80MB ??
it’s like downloading the entire browser every time.

This on my Galaxy S9+

On my Galaxy A50 Android 11 the same thing, 80mb update

This on my Galaxy A50
Brave update 84MB
it’s like downloading the whole browser each time.
compared to all other app updates, nothing comes close to 80MB

Will ask, if @Mattches can give some info why Brave’s update size is larger than Chrome’s and whether Brave supports delta updates in Android?

Note that Brave updates are not always this big, but when they are, it is typically because there have been major changes to the native lib (which are difficult to do by adding incremental updates).

And yes, updates are done by the Play Store which leverages delta updates.

this is on my A30s
Brave update size is almost 20 times the size of Chrome Beta update
and over thousand times the size of Chrome update size.

this is consistent every update cycle.

Looks like Brave is consistently doing major changes to the native lib. Lol