Bug: Sound not displaying

Hello Brave!

For some odd reason on your browser, whenever I try to open media that contain audio files, while the media loads normally, the sound does not actually come through my sound system.

  1. Launch Brave
  2. Open any website that supports audio (YouTube, Reddit, TikTok, etc.)
  3. Uncheck the mute sound option
  4. Uncheck Shields and try again
  5. Refresh page and try again
  6. Reinstall Brave and repeat five steps above

Actual result: Sound is still not coming from audio-supported media

Expected result: Sound starts working normally

Brave Version: 1.32.113 (Latest version as of 12/2/21)

Additional Information: I can confirm it is just Brave that I am having this particular problem with. When I tried this on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, both browsers properly produced sound the first time I opened a video or audio file without having to refresh.

Turn off hardware acceleration in settings. Clear cache and cookies (only specific to issue and not all as you might lose some imp cookies)

Hi chh_68. I just tried your method, but unfortunately, the problem still persists. Thank you for trying to help!

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