Bug: Search autocompletes itself even its turned off

Search autocompletes itself even its turned off. Makes it hard to search without clearing entire browser history

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Disable auto complete URL bar in Settings → Brave shield
  2. Type hello world in URL bar and press enter, it searches hello world
  3. Type hello in URL bar, it searches hello
  4. Type hel in URL bar, it wrongly searches hello
  5. Type h in url bar, its also wrongly searches hello

Expected result:
When I type “hel” it should search for hel and dont autocomplete it to hello
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Mobile Device details
Android 11, Redmi Note 10 Pro Max
Additional Information:
Streamable video of producing bug: https://streamable.com/rxbvki

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You need to turn off ‘Show Auto - complete in Address bar’ option. That stops this. Just checked on my device running MIUI

i already turned it off, it still autocompletes

Does turning it back on and off and even a restart of Brave or phone help?

No, your answers arent helpful at all.

Well. I guess @rodrige @Aman_M might be able to help better.

@TekTow I also see the exact same behaviour. Tagging @Mattches to take a look. Disabling autocomplete works fine in Desktop but not in Android.

A work-around is to press space once after typing keyword(s) in Android.

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