Bug: Rewards panel showing incorrect BATs arriving (Update)

can you please share a screenshot.

congts mine is still not updated

May be updated in the upcoming hours

Is it written 3.84 in estimated rewards?

Yes I faced the same just look at my screenshots they really lowered my estimated earnings

As you can see I had 2.4+ Bats
And now they lowered it to 1.8 bats

it was tomorrow, now it is reset and only 1.46 bat will be coming to my wallet

Sedly I lost bats in both desktop and mobile version

Update: My rewards have reconciled successfully. No BATs lost (all pending rewards from previous month, 0.235 BAT have rolled over to this month’s earnings) including 0.08 BATs for 10 ads.

Screenshot 2021-08-01 214350

So with new update this will happen each month-

  1. At the stroke of midnight in user’s time zone on the last day of each month, user will see “XX BAT arriving in Y days”. This might not carry over all estimates from previous month (very likely).

  2. And in some time (mostly in few hours only) “Current earnings this month (estimated)” will reset to zero.

  3. “Current earnings this month (estimated)” will not show correct earnings for some time (as Browser has not yet sent remaining payment tokens to the rewards server). Correct earnings will increase and show correct value in some time varying from few hours to few days.

Patience is virtue with Brave.

PS: Why it showed previous month’s paid earning as arriving for few hours is still unclear


My Brave rewards (arriving one) also increased from 4.02 to 4.08 but still it’s low because my original Bats was around like 4.2++

@Adison you will have to wait for some time. Your estimated earnings this month will increase to show correct value including previous month’s missing BAT (about 0.12 BAT). Time will vary from user to user. This is the way it’s designed to work.

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0.12 isn’t major loss but I also have browser on android which I use and the rewards went down from 2.4 to 1.8. RIP

Don’t worry. Amount doesn’t matter your this month’s estimated earning will increase in latest android version (1.27.xx) also.


yo alcanze a ganar 5 bat yokens pero me dejaron en 0.9 por favor alguien que me ayude?

I have a screenshot on mine from July 14th showing 3.XX BAT now it says my expected pay is 1.XX BAT. Same thing happened last month but I didn’t have screenshots to prove it. Now I do this month. Let’s hope it gets taken care of.

Mine was over 3 bat on July 14th and it’s now showing 1 something bat under expected pay. Not 3-4BAT which it should be. Same thing happened to me last month. Showing 1.01 bat coming on mine…

Same thing for me for two months now

@DivineDrift Just to get your attention, so that you understand correctly-

This time varies from user to user and the payment tokens that have been sent are actually realised during payouts. So most of the time there is a lag between BATs recorded in the rewards server and in the “estimated earnings” in the rewards panel brave://rewards/. This is why the payouts are generally slightly less than BATs earned till last date of a month.

With the new update- Update: New and improved “Estimated pending rewards” (Brave Ads earnings) counter coming in v1.27 What we see in the “XX BAT arriving in Y days” on rewards panel is the amount that has been recorded in rewards server for the last month. In the start of each month when again browser sends payments tokens to server, “estimated earnings” reconciles to show correct value including rollover balance for previous month. (sorry for making it long, I just wanted to explain better)

Now to your issue, 6 days are fairly long time for “Current earnings this month (estimated)” to Not reconcile. Also, here it says-

Brave had to clear old estimated earnings as there was no way to clear or claim them. So I believe, due to this bug, some users have indeed lost some estimated pending BATs. And worst part, as it says, “there is no way to clear or claim them”.

Creo que esto va por ti también @jeroch

The new counter, the way it is, should show correct values from now onwards. You can DM someone in the support team as a last resort.

@Aman_M how much BAT should it show set to arrive this month?

@steeven My suggestion would be- instead of periodically sending “unblinded payment tokens” to rewards-server, It should be sent as soon as a user views an ad. This way there will not be leftover BATs from previous month to be accommodated in “Current earnings this month (estimated)”. And it will show exact amount which was earned till last date of a month as set to arrive this month (carry forward issue will no longer be there and the Bug mentioned in linked post in my last reply could be avoided in future).

It’s just a suggestion, may be you guys have already thought about it.

Also please let me know why this post has been unlisted and if I’m wrong in any of my observations so far.