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Stopped using brave coz i cant reach it. It looks like it is out of the screen. I am using laptop and monitor, so i have 2 screens. If i start brave, it looks like it is out of the third screen and i just cant bring it back to my 2 real screens. Completely the same happened to my friend. I am using windows 10, she is on windows 7. It was working ok for more than a month and then came to this.
From the beginning there was a bug, that at the start brave is just partly on monitor and partly of the screen.

I tried with updates, it didn’t work. Then completely remove brave from computer and reinstall it, it didn’t work. So i just went back to Mozilla. That happened to me like 3 weeks ago and my friend said it was one week ago.
If you want to see version of my brave: sorry, i cant check it, it is on third monitor…


This issue is resolved in 0.20, however you do not need to wait until that version for a fix. You can try the below steps:

  1. Close all Brave.exe processes
  2. On Windows, open %appdata%/brave/session-store-1 in Notepad
  3. Locate “position”:[x,y], where x and y are numbers (or look for defaultWindowParams
  4. Replace these numbers with 0,0 to read “position”:[0,0] and save
  5. Start Brave

Let me know if this works for you.


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