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LastPass integration bug -

Hi - have found a persistent bug w/the LastPass authentication page. The initial page loads but when you click through to the login page, all the fields and buttons stop working. It seems like either the entire page is hung (prior to anything clickable being loaded) or some of the page elements aren’t loading correctly (button and text entry field every time). Keyboard commands also don’t work, leading me to suspect the page is hung in some fashion (which is odd given the proper loading/performance of the preceding page). Love the product overall and would love it even more if I could activate my password manager :slight_smile:



Whoops - correction, it’s not the 2nd page in the sequence (LastPass login), it’s the following step (2FA, in my case) where it prompts to enter the 2FA code, send SMS passcodes, etc. That page is where it always hangs with nothing working (text fields, buttons, etc.)

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