Bug Report - Folders in Bookmarks bar are off screen


I’m using Brave on Linux Mint 17.1. When using the bookmarks bar with folders, any contained subfolders appear to always display to the right of the primary folder. When a folder is at the far right of the bookmarks bar and contains a subfolder, the contents of the subfolder show off the right-hand side of the screen rather than to the left side. (See attached screen shot)


  • Jeremy


Hi @Jeremy. There is an issue logged for this in Github.


Awesome. Thanks for catching that. I did look for duplicates but didn’t catch that one. Great that it’s already reported. Keep up the good work!.

  • Jeremy


Still the single reason I don’t use Brave since December last year. Version 0.15.0 Win 7


Hi @Jeremy it’s nice to see someone using Brave in Mint, I imagine you switched to 18.1 recently and I was just curious which version of Mint are you using Brave in - Cinnamon, MATE, xfce or KDE?

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