[Bug report] Bookmarks not being selected



Just signed up so I can post somewhere a small feedback/bug report, so my bad if I’m posting this in the wrong place/category. I wanted to let you people know there is a strange selection bug on the bookmarks as you hover over there, specifically on the first element of a list.

In a few occasions as you hover the mouse over the first element in each folder/list you set up in your bookmarks, there are times when it will not be properly selected (turned blue) thus making it hard to click/open. It sometimes happens, other times it works just fine.
So that’s it. I wanted to make you aware of this occasional bug/odd behavior. Hope my post can at least spark an interest to check that area of the code.
I’ll try to post again in this community whenever I notice odd buggy things. Bye bye


Hi @redflame45,

Thanks for reporting. :slight_smile:
It 's a known issue. Related thread Bookmark Bar problem in Brave 0.15.310

I added your comment as +1 and the issue is logged here

Temporary workaround is to make sure you have a tab under the folder you want to open or select the entry from the bottom edge of it.

Hope this can help for now, until the fix is there.
Thank you,

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Duplicate of Bookmark Bar problem in Brave 0.15.310