Bug: Refresh icon is bugged when using pull to refresh

First of all this bug is very hard to capture with a screenshot because I have to pull to refresh the website, but it looks like a regular refresh icon but it has another oval shaped icon on top of it.

If I manage to capture this I will attach a screenshot later.

Device: Samsung Galaxy S9+
OS: Stock Oreo 8.0.0
Brave: Latest version

Hi @tonikumpula

What is your Brave version?


Hi @LaurenWags

Version is 1.0.54.

Thanks @tonikumpula! I haven’t reproduced it yet, but will be on the lookout. Do you always get this icon or just for certain sites?


I get it on all websites, but if I restart my phone then it will disappear for a while but it always comes back. It’s nothing that serious though, just a small UI bug.

Regular Chrome browser doesn’t have this issue.

I also get the bugged refresh icon on every website I navigate to.
But it’s not new to me, I got this since at least 1-2 months maybe more…
Version 1.0.54 also

Pixel 2
Stock Pie 9.0

Thanks for the screenshot @R4P70R! I have not seen that.

@tonikumpula is the icon in the screenshot from @R4P70R what you see as well or does it look different?


Thank you for the screenshot.


It’s the same one from the screenshot.

Thanks! Added your +1s to:


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