[BUG] PC shutdown causes Brave application to exit before data can be cleared


Description of the issue:
On opening Brave after “logging out” on Windows 10,
it “remembered” and auto opened my E-mail account.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. I logged off my account on WIN 10
  2. Log back into account.
  3. Open Brave
  4. For me, accounts logged into are remembered and auto-restored.

Expected result:
When I shut Brave down I have it set to clear all data,
so, logging out, I expected that “logging off” and Windows shutting down the Brave app,
that Brave would clear all data, as if I manually shut down Brave.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

V1.29.80 (Sep 13, 2021)

Additional Information:
This can be reproduced on my system 100% of the time.

Change Log :
Changed Post Title from - “Bug? Data not cleared on log off”
to - “[Bug] PC shutdown causes Brave application to exit before data can be cleared”
in order to match identical report as linked below.


Do you clear your browsing data via brave://settings/clearBrowserDataOn exit?

Clearing browsing data via brave://settings/cookiesClear cookies and site data when you close all windows is not as effective, it leaves leftovers.

Also, do you allow Brave to complete the clearing process? Note that after closing Brave, there will remain some processes in Task Manager for a short period of time, those processes must complete their work in order to clear your browsing data.

Thinking your issue could be possibly related to:

Yeah, my issue is exactly as has been already reported in the Github thread.
I didnt find that in my searching.

Thanks for the pointer.

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