Bug: No preview before pdf download


In both case pdf can’t be opened in preview mode it always asks to download while it can be done on firefox.

I believe that you’re seeing this behavior on that particular site because the site itself is initiating a download. If you go to another site do you see the same behavior? For example, if you run a search for the Brave Whitepaper and click the first link, does the PDF download or open in the browser?

@Mattches are you in linux.
Sure i will try that.
But what i have tried that test that same webaite on firefox actually open pdf without a issue as a preview in browser without asking for download.

Yes it opened thanks


Excellent, so the functionality is not broken here. There must be something specific to the way the site is initiating the PDF download causing the behavior — may be specific to Chromium which is why it works in Firefox. Unfortunately I’m unable to test this exact website as it appears it requires a paid membership.

I will look into this and see if I can find out why this specifically is happening with this site. In the meantime, you might try testing this behavior on another Chromium based browser and see if you get the same results.

after reinstall that app i find everything was working even on that site.

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