Bug (logging into Udemy site using google authentication)

First off this is the absolute worst way to submit a bug. Why do I have to create an account and browse an unfamiliar forum to find if my bug was already posted (I’m not doing that). There needs to be a simple “Support a bug” button in the browser. I tried to copy and paste your suggested template but it included all CSS markup and I’m not spending time deleting tags. Very few people will go through the effort you’re putting on us to submit a bug and you won’t even know that people are dropping your awesome browser for reasons that you could address with a simpler bug report option.

I cannot use Udemy’s log in using google option. I can select to log in using my google account and am able to click on my google account name but then nothing happens. No errors in the console and no network hangups, everything looks good but I need to switch to chrome or firefox to actually be able to log in using my google account.

OS: Mac air 2017 Mojave 10.14.2

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