[Bug] Lastpass doesn't work on Ubisoft Club website



I don’t know why, but the LastPass doesn’t work with Ubisoft Club web site: club.ubisoft.com

Steps I done:

  • Enter web site club.ubisoft.com
  • Click “Login” on up right button
  • Click on LastPass button on “E-mail” field
  • Click on my account
  • (nothing happens and all JS in the page stop working)

I check the “Console” and a lot of errors was raised:

I have an question: it’s better post those bugs here or in the GitHub?



I would say that if you know how github works and you have a github account then go for it :slight_smile:
Github has support for labels and some more stuff that makes it easier to track issues :wink:


I am not currently able to reproduce since I cant enter my uplay account sadly:
I created an issue on github:


Hi, Jacalz. Perfect :slight_smile:
I’ll stop post on discourse and I’ll open issues on GitHub next time.


Would you mind filling the issue template out on that issue with the useful information? :slight_smile:
Just copy them over from my initial comment :slight_smile:

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