Bug:in pin validation on iOS brave browser


Hi, ive noticed a bug in the use of pin on startup of browser.
This is reproduceable on the iOS platform.
1.set up browser lock and pin in settings
2. Close the app
3. Double click home button to bring up apps
4. Kill app
5. Click on brave browser
6. Enter the wrong PIN number
7. It will treat it as successful

Note. If brave is already loaded, the PIN number check works correctly


Thanks for reporting @Asesino,
Can you also post your Brave version and OS version?

cc @sriram and @joel on this. :slight_smile:


Hi. I am using brave for iOS 1.5.3 on iOS 11.2.5 (iPad Pro)

I just realized that it works fine if Touch ID is turned on… in order to reproduce the problem, please turn off Touch ID in settings.

Thanks again for the prompt response.


Thanks for reporting. Confirmed and issue logged that can be tracked here

closed #5