BUG in desktop version

  1. Description of the Issue:
    Certain pages load to a completely blank white page.

2.Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Actual Result
    Page appears to load completely, and yet displays as a completely white page.

  2. Expected result

Expected to get a page with a news story reguarding some property that was sold in Richmond, Virginia.

  1. Reproduces Consistently?

Absolutely. This happens every single time you open the above mentioned link.

  1. Brave Version:
    Both on Version 0.59.35 Chromium: 72.0.3626.81 (Official Build) (64-bit) on a WINDOWS PC, and the latest version in android.

  2. Additional Information:

This bug was pointed out to me by a friend living in the area mentioned in the news report. He had tried to read this page and noticed it would not load in Brave for him on android, so I checked it out myself on the PC version with the same results…so I wanted to submit a bug report because I genuinely like Brave so far and want to get it working perfectly.

It looks like this page has a unique setup, wherein if ads are blocked, the page stops rendering. I’ll forward this to the dev team so they can review it.
For now, if you (or your friend) would like to read the article on that page, open your Shields panel and toggle off the Block ads/trackers option.

Really happy you guys got my report, especially happy with your quick
response. I really hope I understood and used your template correctly.

However, I have one thing to add:

So, I still have chrome installed and go baCK between the two, etc. Well,
i specifically run the “AdBlock” Version 3.39.1 extension on my chrome
browser. Not adblock pro, none of the fake ones, but the real AdBlock that

With that being said, I am still able to access that page VIA chrome while
adblock is DEFINITELY enabled, but not Brave…but then again, you’re
probably using a completely different adblocker that you guys coded
yourself, so there’s that.

Talk to ya soon

William Lyons of WWW.LYONS-TECH.COM

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