Bug in Brave wallet for android

There’s seems to be an issue with not correct showing funds when I switch from one token to another. In this particular case from ETH to USDC. When I switch to USDC it’s still showing ETH balance

Can you please tell me what Brave version as well as the OS/device type you’re using when you see this?

@Mattches I also see exact same thing. In Android 11, Brave Version 1.37.110. Although token Balance, which shows balance of Ethereum, is less I can enter more amount that I hold and transaction is able to proceed, So just a display error.

Also in Swap all tokens are populated even though Swap supports a few tokens.

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Thank you for the heads up. I’ve informed the wallet team about this and am waiting on more info.

Appreciate your patience.

brave 1.37.110 (latest). Android 12, samsung a52s one ui 4.1

for me it’s not working, it says “not enough funds”. but when I switch to some of the testnet and get back to mainnet then it display correctly

Sorry for the long response time here everyone. It looks like this issue is already known and has a fix on the way in v1.38x:

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