[BUG] Illogical and incorrect weather search results

Usually the Brave Search works well for weather forecasts, using the pattern: “weather + ” or “weather ”. However, I discovered that one place gets completely wrong results; namely, Glen Ridge, NJ 07028.

See Glen Ridge, NJ or 07028:

See Montclair, NJ 07042, next door:

Here goes:

As a Brave Search user
I want to be able to enter the term “weather” and the city and state Or US ZIP Code
And get the appropriate location’s weather results

Bug 1: Glen Ridge, NJ 07028 doesn’t return correct location forecast

  • GIVEN User enters weather forecast locations into Brave Search
  • WHEN the queried location is Glen Ridge, NJ
  • OR the queried location is 07028
  • THEN the weather forecast for Agordat, Eritrea is returned
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Thanks a bunch for flagging @Pruneorchard, I’ve reproduced it on my end and have reported to the team. This will be fixed in the next release.