Bug found in Brave Beta!

Recently, I Updated Android Brave Beta to v1.27.69
The reward counter got reset, BATs deducted automatically, and Lost my whole earnings of this month :cry:!
@Mattches @Adrian_02 @GreenBananaPorridge

Hey @Himgoo !

The Estimated Earnings counter is supposed to reset to 0 every month to represent a fresh month of earnings; this has not always worked correctly and varies to user to user.

Your actual balance should not change however, can you verify that is the case?


But, in this month I’ve received 499 ads of 0.295 BAT, how is this possible, even if reward counter got reset I supposed to have at least 2 BATs of 499 ads in estimate rewards pending,i guess… :thinking:

You can view the worth of each Ad in your region by visiting this site. → https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/


I checked the ads campaign,
Previously all the BATs I received wasn’t worth so much low, and 0.285 BAT of 499 ads doesn’t make any sense,and it happened immediately after I Updated to new version v1.27.69

When the beginning of the month started, did you notice if the Ads received this month reset to 0? If it it did not that means the counter is not showing the accurate amount of Ads you have seen which explains the situation.


Hey its a bug , same thing happened with me , i has 4 BAT yesterday but today i have 0.000 BAT ,.
I got 0.018 BAT after some ads , then after a restart , its again back to 0.000

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