Bug: Custom cosmetic filtering no longer working

The custom filters cosmetic filtering no longer works. :confused: I tried switching from “Default” to “Enabled” in the Brave flags, but that did not make any difference. I’m not sure in which version this stopped working, but I believe it started with the first 1.21 developer release.

Brave: Dev Version 1.21.45 Chromium: 88.0.4324.146 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)
OS: Windows 7 Professional SP2 64-bit

Hey @jek6094 Which site are you seeing issues on?

It’s sites I added my own CSS filters for, items in the custom filters adblock syntax list below all the subscriptions.

@fanboynz Any news on this?

Additional info: I don’t have any of the additional lists checked, only items in the custom filters section at the bottom.

It should be fixed in Beta / Nightly https://github.com/brave/brave-core/pull/7925

It still doesn’t work in Brave Dev version 1.21.66. Any news on when the fix might reach the dev version?

Looking at https://www.stuff.co.nz/ (as a sample)

The cosmetic filtering seems to be working, and enabling Fanboy Social/Annoyances in brave://adblock also removes the social cosmetics on stuff.co.nz

Example site? @jek6094

Add the following line in the Custom Filters box:

Then go to www.example.com.
The “Example Domain” h1 element should be hidden, but it isn’t, at least not on Brave Dev 1.21.66.

Okay, slightly different, but this patch (and another upcoming) should help

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Awesome, thanks for the heads-up! :+1:t2:

Confirmed - It works in Brave Dev Version 1.22.50. :smiley: