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Hello, it is already couple of mo that Brave updates do not fix the BUG issue of copy&paste that effect only pages on Brave Browser and not other tasks on the computer.

When this issue will be taken into care?


The issue was fixed in the latest release that went out today. Request you to update to the latest release build and confirm.


We did download the update but the issue still there, the initial post was written after downloading the update, that s why was made cause the issue was not fixed…


@APP2DATE, would you mind providing some additional information so we can further investigate the issue? Which operating system are you running Brave on? Have you tried re-installing the update?

For a full list of (preferred) information to send with a bug report, you can see your community post here

Thank you for reaching out!


Well, as just a Brave user and not a member of the support tech team, I can simply report that on Windows 10 Brave Browser in the last 6-8 weeks start showing issue with Copy&Paste: at times the copy and paste function by the mouse simply doesn’t work and the use of the keyboard (ctrl-c/v) is needed.

At the same time, opening Chrome, Word, or any other program everything works fine from the mouse.

Hope this helps.


I turned off HTTPS and suddenly I could copy+paste text again, it also solved a bunch of other issues on other pages. Like Soundcloud timeline looking buggy to going back to normal after HTTPS was turned off.


I’m experiencing the same issue but with macOS. Additionally I have a lot of trouble with right click and saving images. Nearly always the result is “aborted” immediately.

Please let me know what I can do to help tracking down this issue.

https://discord.software/ https://adobereader.onl/ https://itunes.red/


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