Bug? Continually asked to install Google Drive Web App while editing gDoc



Mac OS 10.11.6
Brave 0.17.13
rev f7242c7

While editing a google doc, and trying to right click to select “Paste without Formatting” from the context menu, I get a popup that says “You must install Google Drive web app to perform this action” with a button that says Install this Google Drive app.

Clicking the button does nothing. Immediately after this, I can hit Command-V and can paste the item needed, and it DOES paste without formatting as desired. Doing the same and selecting the Paste option gives the same warning, but then hitting Command-V does paste the item with formatting properly.

The next time I try this, I get the same request.

Great browser! Thanks for bug busting!

LICEcap GIF attached.

Scott P


I believe this is not a bug. On Firefox also it shows a different error message to use the keyboard shortcuts.

cc: @clifton


I respectfully disagree. Repeatedly asking me to do the install of the Chrome Web app after I try to install it is an abnormal behavior that does not occur in Chrome or Safari, and should be eliminated if I click the “Install” button, should it not?

Secondarily, I am not using keyboard shortcuts, but right click action with the mouse. Perhaps my inclusion of the Command-V is confusing the issue. The keyboard shortcut (Command-V) is only used after the fact to demonstrate that the action behaves in some strange way. To repeat: I am not trying to use keyboard shortcuts here, only mouse actions, with right click bringing up context sensitive menu that should operate normally and not continue to ask me to take an action that will not update.


Bump. Still think this is a bug. I cannot edit a google doc easily.


I’m having the same issue, when I try to copy from a google doc it does the same thing. I have to open the document in chrome to copy and past from Google Docs.


Brave 0.18.14
rev ad92d02
Muon 4.3.6
libchromiumcontent 60.0.3112.78
Node.js 7.9.0
Update Channel dev
OS Platform macOS
OS Release 13.4.0
OS Architecture x64

Getting the same thing here in Sheets, I hadn’t connected it to Brave bud DUH I guess I should have:



The link you provided is dead :frowning:
Can you elaborate on your fix?


@VaeVictus @sriram @filflat @scoiner @johnemau,

Copy/paste from context menu in Docs is a known issue. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V should work for workaround. This issue is tracked here:


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