Bug: Browser icon becomes unusable when in "Edit Home Screen" mode

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Description of the issue:
When on an iphone running iOS14, if you do a long press on a screen and selected “Edit Home Screen” to put the phone into the edit mode, the Brave Browser app will turn into a blank square with the default no image look to it. It will also become unusable when trying to click on it. If you repeat this process and go back into “Edit Home Screen” mode for a second time, it will revert to normal. This can be repeated over and over again.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Long press on an iPhone running iOS14.
  2. Selected “Edit Home Screen”
  3. Exit out of edit mode and notice that the Brave browser app icon is no longer usable

Expected result:
This should not cause the application to be unusable.
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Mobile Device details
iphone 11 Pro running iOS14
Additional Information:
This is a bug that can be reproduced consistently. It is interesting that it is possible to “undo” the bugs effects by repeating the process after the app icon has become affected. Please see attached screenshot to understand what I mean when I say that the app becomes unusable.

Is this a public beta release of iOS 14 or the general public release?

Public release version 14.0

Works fine on my iPad Pro and iPhone 11 Pro with iOS 14.0.1.

Is you device low of space by any chance? I’ve seen something similar happen on iPad running iOS 12.x

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