[BUG] Brave can't perform any action in Upload Image window

After latest updates, whenever I try to upload an image in any social media platform, the upload image window inside of the Browser titled “Select an Image” pops up.

Then, another popup appears which says “Unfortunately, Brave has stopped working.”

Whether I select one of the “Report” or “Ok”, nothing happens, and the message again for the second time. Tapping any button it disappeaes and does nothing again.

Then, I am left with infinitely rotating loading animation. This didn’t use to happen earlier.

Android: 6 Marshmallow
Storage permission is allowed.
Restarting the app or force stopping it does nothing.

I confirm this bug. I’m using the latest version of brave browser on my pixel 5 with Android 12 . Brave force closes/crashes after uploading few image in websites. Brave closes after 1-10 seconds after uploading the images, not closes instantly.

If this is the same on my problem, like you can’t see any popups after click the upload button and you can’t click anything on the browser after that then this is how I fixed it.

After you click the upload button and get stuck, try to click 2 to 3 times on the browser to make sure you select your target and click " alt + space + m " and use arrow key to move around. Then the popup window will show up. (It works for me)