BUG bounties from Brave/BAT community members

Hello, community!

For a long time, I can see that Brave dev team are struggling hard to fix many bugs it has with Basic Attention Token integration. Even long-time old investors still can’t transfer their tokens, it’s a huge shame.

I have an idea of how to implement a fix for many upcoming BUG’s.

As we have many good no-mad programmers who are always searching for some work, BUG bounty campaigns would be a perfect solution, where BAT community users could donate their locked BAT tokens for a fix that should be implemented to fix the problem.

BUG description: Brave wallet does not sync with Uphold.
BUG bounty: $$$$ BAT ( TOTAL sum Donated by users)
Donators: 654 BAT Community members.

All BUG bounty participants would send reports to Brave DEVS team, in that way, many future problems would be solved faster.

As an old investor and BAT community member, I would always participate in these types of BUG bounty events, as every big step forward could increase the price of my token that I am holding.

What do you think, community? If I need to describe everything more widely, please let me know.

Thanks for your time.

Hi @berzelis,
Thanks for posting.
We do have a bug bounty program at https://hackerone.com/brave. Although, you suggestion may be out of scope. I’ve turned this issue into a feature request.

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