Bug: blocked scripts v. 0.55.2

One website: amazon.de
Second one: dict.cc (others work, too)
Third one: A webpage I know not to use scripts

Problem: Scripts are being blocked (see the <> with the x) on both webpages, but on Amazon the Brave Shield does not “recognise” any blocked scripts, therefore I scripts can’t be unblocked on their own.

We’re still working on getting the finer script controls to function as intended.
It’ll be implemented in a patch soon enough, but again, this is an early build that still has a lot of work that needs done. Its unlikely, but if I’m able to confirm when to expect this fix I’ll reply here and let you know.

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Thank you :slight_smile:
But this was just fyi, I found this, here you go, if you wanna look into it.

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