Bubble loads but needs to refresh in order to read the tab


Phone: Galaxy s7 with 7.0 Nougat


  1. I will open several links in Facebook or etc. and each link will load in several bubbles.

  2. Afterwards when I try to read the bubble tab, the first bubble tab will show up fine. But as I close the tab with the back button, the next bubble appears but showing no tab.

  3. The tab screen seems to exist, since the background screen is not touchable. Every bubble has been loaded when the link was clicked.

  4. In order to see the tab, I hide the bubble then re-open it. Then the tab screen appears.

I’ve tried deleting an re-installing the app several times but won’t be fixed.

Hope there’s someone that knows how to fix this.


We are still supporting LinkBubble and fixing critical issues. While our development focus is on our new Brave Browser for Android app, we are looking at future features we could implement in LinkBubble if Android fixes the issues regarding rendering from a background service webview. You can set new tabbed browser as a fallback browser and use it to open problem links. You will have adblocker, tracking protection and more with it.

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