BTC Address Change

Hi folks,

I just would like to make sure whether it is the default and expected behaviour to get a new Bitcoin address every time I click Deposit instead of reusing the old address. And if so, if there’s a way to change it to reuse the same address as on Ethereum.

Can my previously-generated BTC addresses be reused to deposit? I don’t even see them anywhere in the wallet, they’re not in the Transactions list.

Before attempting a bigger transaction I normally send a test amount but the next time I click Deposit I get a new address, which defeats the purpose of the test transaction…

Out of curiousity, does this mean that Brave wallet derives new private (and public) keys after each BTC transaction in a similar way to Cardano addresses? However, with a Cardano wallet, I can see the first address and all the subsequent addresses ever created.

Using Brave v 1.66.110 on Linux Mint 21.3

Hello! Do you have a Bitcoin Account created in your Brave Wallet already?

Yep, I do. I created a BTC account on Brave Wallet, got a certain address and could receive a small test amount of BTC. When I click Deposit in the same account, I get a new address and can’t see the old one anywhere.

Could you potentially provide a screenshot of what you’re experiencing? Thanks!

I am also experiencing the same issue. I just noticed that the BTC address on Brave is different from the first one I used. I hope that it isn’t a virus. On the other hand, Coinbase also has a similar mechanism of generating a new address for added security while the old address can still receive deposits. However, because Evan123 didn’t say whether or not this is a feature on Brave makes me think it could possibly be a virus either on my end or affecting Brave wallet users.

Hi @Evan123

Thanks for replying.

I would need to make a new transaction but there’s not much to show anyway, I first get an address and, after receiving the amount, the next time I click Deposit it gives me a new address… Same as confirmed by the @jomi364.

It doesn’t look like a bug though, it might be a standard behaviour or Brave’s choice. That’s why I was asking for a clarification. If that’s the case, it would make sense to show previously used addresses in the past transactions and I should be able to choose to reuse the same address (that’s the standard behaviour on Ethereum).

Would you be able to get in touch with the dev team and confirm this? And, perhaps, propose to implement the change mentioned above?

@veggar and @jomi364 I just tested, completely exiting Brave and going back, but my account appears to stay the same on all screens for deposit.


Let me try asking, did you create a Bitcoin account in your Wallet? Such as if you go into your portfolio and then to account, do you have Bitcoin listed there like in the screenshot below?

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Oh, maybe that’s not a hint as I was thinking. Just went to test on Nightly thinking I was onto something, but realized it shows like below (at least on Nightly). Plus I missed your earlier comment in my rush:

So between the two, I guess can throw out my question above. Sorry for that. Though I am going to circle back and ask, are you able to show screenshots of it changing? And does it happen while you’re in the same window regardless, does it happen only when you exit Brave, or what? And you’re 100% choosing the same account? I mean, you don’t have multiple Bitcoin accounts? And it shows your test balance you sent yourself?

Thanks for trying. But the distinction here is that a deposit was already made, and it’s showing a different address after the 1st deposit. Also, the Ethereum address is the same. It’s only affecting Bitcoin. I suppose a Brave representative should confirm what is happening here. There’s really no other way for me to know as of now.


Do you have screenshots of what you’re seeing? The examples Saoiray showed above would be helpful.

I’d like to clarify the change in addresses you’re seeing. What are the names of these accounts when you go to deposit? Visuals will help here. Thanks!

@Saoiray Thanks for replying but you seem to have missed my point. As confirmed by @jomi364, the point is to make a deposit first, not just closing and reopening Brave. And, yes, I’m sure it’s the same account, I only have one Bitcoin account in this wallet.

@Evan123 Unfortunately, the exchange where I’m sending BTC from charges a quite steep transaction fee, so I’d rather not making other test transactions for the sake of investsigating this behaviour. Plus, I’m not sure how screenshots could help clarifying my description better. Reproducing the issue should be straightforward for the dev team:

  1. Create e new Bitcoin account in Brave wallet
  2. Send some BTC to the address shown when clicking “Deposit”
  3. After receiving the first deposit, click “Deposit” again and see that the address has changed.
  4. Plus, the transaction screen is empty, so I cannot retrieve the previous address from Brave wallet (I can attach a screenshot of this).