Browsing session disappears after crash/restart with no way of restoring in

I’ve been having this issue for a year now, both on MacOS and Windows 10. The machine will either crash or will need to be reset and the browser, unless I close the application before the reset, will never prompt me to restore my last browsing history once the computer reboots, neither will I be able to restore it manually.

I’m writing this after a crash, I’ve already checked %appdata% and there is nothing in the folder.

Replication is quite simple. Crash or reboot the system once, or twice in a row and there is no browsing session history.

App version is 1.0, windows OS is Windows 10, and MacOS is El capitan. The only extension i have is google docs offline

I feel your frustration. I use an extension called “Save My Tabs” for this very reason

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