Browsing History

There doesn’t seem to be a way of clearing a whole lot of history, unless it is all of it, indiscriminately.

Currently, as I see it, you can search your history, and it brings up a list with select boxes. It seems that you can select those boxes one by one. However, the select concept is hampered by the fact that there is no “un/select all” box as one would think, and there no command such as “Delete Selected” exists. I thought that feature was in Chromium, but appears not to be here, unless I’m missing some other setting?

Also, it might be good to be able to white/black list sites that you want/don’t want history recorded.
When browsing my history I see reams of hits for sites like facebook, twitter, etc. I don’t really care about them, so I would like them not recorded. However, browsing history to find that journal article I may have looked up a few days/weeks/months ago in that mess is really hard.

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If you go to brave://settings/clearBrowserData, you should be able to select a time period to delete your history for.

Also within your History there is an X at the top, that will deselect all your selections

That could be the problem. I don’t see an “X” next to the count.
I think it would be good to have a “blacklist” for not saving any history for certain sites. is a good example, as I have many accounts, and read lots of emails. Furthermore, I can search emails using Gmail, so I don’t really need browser capability for that.

Oh, I see, it shows up if you select at least one. However, I don’t see a button to “select all”. Also, they don’t "all* show up unless you manually scroll down enough.

If you ctrl+A or cmd+A (depending on your machine) you can select all.
You can also select an item, then scroll down as far as desired, then Shift + Click to select anything in between.

Okay, As, you pointed out, I hit Ctrl-A and indeed, they all were selected. Undocumented feature? There probably should be a button, or at least a clue. And in the above bar there are two buttons, Cancel and Delete, which one could surmise apply to the selected history items.

I won’t provide a picture, but if I search with the Magnifying glass, I get the “initial” (not all) matches. In this case the Settings/BraveRewards/History/Bookmarks/Downloads/CryptoWallets bar disappears and the search bar is activated as in the above picture I supplied before. I hit Ctrl-A and it “selects” all visible, and tells me a number of selected. The clear selection X appears in the search bar, but the two buttons Cancel/Delete do not. If I click the tensor product symbol on the right, the search bar goes away. The Cancel/Delete briefly appear underneath the search bar as the search bar is dissolving, and so does the applied search criteria and its selection, and so then the Cancel/Delete bar as no more are selected and you are left with your history without a search criteria.

I believe this is now a bug instead of a feature request.

However, the search bar says visible.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ll file an issue.

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