"Browsing data" meaning when uninstalling Brave browser

What exactly does it mean “Also delete your browsing data?” when uninstalling Brave browser?
Does it mean just browsing history or it admire bookmarks too?

That’s including (IIRC) your password, bookmarks, history, etc.

Well thats (very) bad news for me, it seems I’ve maybe lost 6 months of hard work on collecting information.
Why “bookmarks” are not clearly stated in that notification? I was tired that night (two days ago) and I payed attention on word “browsing” so I clicked delete button totally unconscious that I’ll lost whole 6 moths work as my last backup was in April 2019.

Please let me know if there is, by any chance, some solution to recover this great lose?

I find this: Still can't recover my bookmarks

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