Browsing Amazon with Brave

Hi @Mattches

Why is browsing on Amazon Brave slowing down so much on my MacBook? Sometimes it seems like Brave is freezing.
Do you have any advice?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @CooperOnTheRun !

Do you have any extensions? If so, can you try disabling them?
Can you also share a screenshot of the Brave internal Task Manager with Amazon active? This will show what is using your computer resources within Brave with more detail. To access the built in Task Manager :

Go to Menu Icon → More Tools → Task Manager

Thank you,


Hi Porridge,

Thanks for getting back!

I disabled all extensions but the speed is not increasing when browsing on Amazon.

You can find the task manager screenshot attached.

The task manager seems pretty normal. Have you checked the Activity Monitor for Mac itself to see if anything could be eating up resources?


Also can you confirm you have hardware acceleration enabled?

You’ll find this in Settings --> Additional Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration


You said you don’t have any extensions enabled, but am I not at least seeing 1Password and Night Eye in your screenshot?

Go to brave://extensions and make sure all extensions are disabled, and see if it makes any difference. If so, you can re-enable one at a time and see which one is causing it.

In my experience, anything that rewrites almost the entire web page content (such as Dark Reader, or likely Night Eye) will be the main suspects if you’re hitting slow rendering on complex pages like Amazon. Night Eye would be my first guess here, assuming my interpretation of your screen shot is correct.

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You can find a screenshot of the task manager with all extensions disabled. No changes – browsing Amazon is still slowing down.

Hardware acceleration is enabled.

Tested Amazon homepage, using performance profiling tools in dev tools. (F12/Perf)

  • Using clean Brave and Chrome profiles.
  • No VPN’s used
  • Ethernet, Fibre connection
      Brave    Chrome

      3561     6809
      3412     3696
      3404     3635
      3639     3805
      3720     3404
      4136     3368

Avg: 3645.3ms  4119.5ms
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