Browsers GUI evolution


Greetings, designers.

What path do you think our browsers will/should evolve and what problems we as designers should acknowledge and try to resolve nowadays?

I myself am working on information overload problem currently, and came up with this design to work around problem. If you like to try it, welcome.

I’m very curious of your opinion on the topic.

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Honestly, I think people shouldn’t need that many tabs open at any one time.

Regarding your solution, it seems somewhat blocky to me and I wouldn’t want to lose my (separate) navigation bar. If instead, you just put 3-5 mini tabs in the top left for tab grouping, then I’d be interested. Edge is well underway with different tab groups, but maybe having them on-screen without the need for a menu would be nice.


@Niels, I have good news for you. This is more traditional view.


I love the overview sidebar :smiley: If it could be imported to Brave Browser, it would be awesome.


@suguru Exactly, overview widget is one of my favourite. Fortunately for next release we will employ Muon, so Miniature and Brave will be on the same page technology wise and hopefully Brave team will consider incorporating this widget taking our code. :blush:


That is lovely! :four_leaf_clover: @brad might want to say something about it as well.

Even if that would not be implemented as an option, I personally would want to see it implemented as an extension :smile:


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