Browser window disappears at launch after latest update



I have been using Brave version 0.12.13. Windows 7 Home is my OS. After the latest Brave update, I am unsure what version I am running. My explanation follows.

Immediately after installing the latest brave update (about 4 days ago), invoking the application using the task bar icon initiates the launch, but as soon as the browser window begins to display, it disappears. I installed a Brave internet shortcut on my desktop. Clicking on the shortcut produces the same disappearing window behavior.

Using the Windows “All Programs” menu, I clicked on the icon for the brave executable file for Brave version 0.12.13. The browser window opened, remained on display, and executed all functions as designed.

Would really like a solution without having to uninstall, download, and import bookmarks or re-tweak all my settings.

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Same problem here. I tried installing and reinstalling, but the same behavior continues.


Hey there folks,

Can you please try removing the shortcut from the taskbar (right click, unpin) and then let’s open the most recent version. You can hit the Windows key + R (should open the Run prompt) and then you can past in the following and hit enter:

This will open up the directory where Brave is installed. Go ahead and just delete the brave folder altogether (you won’t lose any data, because that’s stored in another location). At this point, you can re-install Brave and you should be back in business :slight_smile:

We definitely have work to do with our install and upgrade process on Windows. Please let us know if this info helps! :smile:



Hey Clifton, I did what you mentioned, launched the latest Brave installer, and the same behavior continues. Anything else I can try?


I’m running Win7 Pro 64. Same problem. Deleted all Brave items, reinstalled, restarted, repeat, still no joy. Had to install Chrome to get proper web page display so I’m back to being tracked. :frowning:


Hi folks,

We did end up finding the root cause for this! We’ve got a fix which we’re testing. Hang tight and we’ll have a new release here soon…


Thanks for the heads up.


The update is available! Please let us know how things go after you get it :slight_smile:


The command line entry pointed to the Windows System 32 directory. Using the DIR command, I could not find the brave folder. This, after I unpinned the Brave icon from the task bar.

I located the brave executable file, verion 0.12.13, here:

C:\Users\Ryan\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

I opened brave from that location and updated it to version 0.12.15, presumably your latest release. The browser works fine, but I have only a generic icon on the task bar. Any way to get the Brave icon back short of an uninstall/reinstall?


Update - The internet shortcut icon I created in the earlier “buggy” version of Brave still disappears at launch. I need to find the directory where version 0.12.14 lives. Any suggestions?


Hi @r98gaskin

Yes- this folder is at %USERPROFILE%\AppDir\Local\brave

If you right click your shortcut and pick properties, what path shows under target?


Clifton -

Installed with the new exe. It launched and generated a Quit working dialog. I could see the Brave dialog asking about setting Brave as the default browser. Dimissed App quit dialog. Relaunched Brave - Window quit after flashing a white window.

Windows 7 Pro. 64-bit.


I uninstalled again, reinstalled the newer update, and it seems to be working fine now. Thanks @clifton!


I cannot find this path (%USERPROFILE%\AppDir\Local\brave) through Windows
Explorer or using the command line. The desktop short will not point to a
local path because it is an internet link as follows:

I suspect I am going to have to uninstall and reinstall and recreate the
shortcut if I want to actually see the Brave icon displayed instead of a



@r98gaskin I’d suggest doing an uninstall… then click the link (if it’s still there). It will prompt you saying the shortcut no longer exists, do you want to remove. Click yes. Then re-install. You won’t lose any of your data :slight_smile:

The %USERPROFILE% path that I mentioned is a variable which ends up looking like C:\Users\r98gaskin. You can navigate to that path if you press Windows key + R and paste in “%USERPROFILE%\AppDir\Local\brave”. However, I’d recommend the uninstall/reinstall route versus trying to fix the shortcut manually

Sorry you ran into this :frowning:



No joy. I uninstalled brave, then downloaded the install file from your
website. It installed, opened, and operated properly. After closing the
browser, I attempted to open it using the desktop shortcut added by the
install program and again using the icon pinned to the task bar during the
install process.

The disappearing window behavior reestablished itself.

As it stands, I am unable to resolve the problem and am unable to use Brave.



@clifton – Now the behavior has returned. I fired up Brave this morning (I closed it yesterday) and it opens for about two seconds but closes again. The uninstall / reinstalled seemed to work before, but it may have worked just that once. Version is 0.12.15.
Launching directly from the appdata\local\brave folder closes Brave as well.


Hi murphy, I posted the issue on the project page on Github:


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Thank you very much for posting this @suguru! I tried some of the other troubleshooting steps listed but haven’t had any luck. I one of the proposed solutions was to launch it from the C:\Users[user]\AppData\Local\brave\app-0.12.15 folder, but that doesn’t seem to work for me either. The same behavior occurs.

I hope they come up with a solution soon!


I experience same issue on our Win 7 PC 64. Following the rare (semi-monthly) reboot, initial attempts to bring up Brave only result in a flicker, then nothing. Then I bring up IE browser, download & install Brave, and it is up and running (until the next reboot). This PC is used by my wife, who has maybe 15 tabs open on Brave the entire time. She also has maybe 15 Firefox windows (not tabs) open the entire time. As you can imagine, there may be a few resource issues on that PC, and we very much appreciate the way Brave is preventing resource-abusive ads.