Browser window completely transparent

Browser window completely transparent

Brave Version :

I recently updated to the latest version ( of Brave on my Ubuntu 22.04.4 (LTS) (Wayland, Gnome 42.9). After relaunching the browser, the window started flickering between transparent and white, then became entirely black after a few seconds. I closed and reopened it, and now the window has been fully transparent for the past 10 minutes (see screenshot below).

I tried launching brave with --disable-gpu, thinking it might be a hardware acceleration issue, but without success.

I can grab the edge of the window (see screenshot below), and when I shake my cursor very fast, I can see a hint of a border.

I am also able to input text where the search bar would be and hit enter :

EDIT : Chromium is updated to the latest version, and works perfectly fine.


Apr 20 20:17:34 laptop systemd[2514]: Started Application launched by gnome-shell.
Apr 20 20:17:35 laptop brave-browser.desktop[30913]: Opening in existing browser session.
Apr 20 20:17:35 laptop brave-browser.desktop[5911]: [5912:5912:0420/] Message 0 rejected by interface blink.mojom.WidgetHost

The problem indeed seems to be from Wayland (as always lol). I switched back to X11, and now Brave works perfectly.

I am leaving this post open to raise awareness towards the developers.

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