Browser Wallet - How to find, edit pending transactions?

I’ve imported into the new browser wallet - but I’m not finding a way to edit and or see my pending transactions?

Any fix to this?


Click the account you want to see

That’s so silly so i have to open another tab just to see the transactions. When we submit a transaction isn’t it of utmost importance that we have immediate access to cancel/speed up or just track the transaction status…

Make it a feature-suggestion. I also had to hunt for it and I agree it’s not ideal

After login, just switch to Accounts before making a transaction and select the account you want to transfer from and the transaction details will be visible immediately-


I also see there is a plenty of space beneath Buy/Send/Swap/ panel. When an account is selected, recent transactions from that can be shown there-

doesnt make sense that i have to open up a whole new tab for wallets just to see transactions when im already interacting with another full screen dApp.

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How do we change the nonce ? Urgent.

We’re improving that UX here:

And for custom nonces, that’s being tracked here:

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