Browser Version 0.22.13 browser window not opening after initial open


Since version 0.22.13 update, if I close the browser window using the Red Close dot, I can’t open the window again without quitting Brave. Macbook Pro High Sierra version 10.13.3


Hi @davidseibold,

Can you confirm if your issue is similar to this?

Does Menubar > File > New Window work for you?



I am having the same problem on El Capitan. Have to force close then reopen.


Not the same I don’t believe. Here’s a link to a screen video showing what I’m talking about:


David Seibold


Thanks for the video @davidseibold! Also cc @LaurenWags.


I’m having the same issue on macOS Sierra. Just letting you all know. I’m opening the New Tabs without trouble.


Ditto on MacOS 10.13.4

It’s most noticeable if Brave is your default browser and you click a link. It works OK the first time when Brave isn’t running. But after that - no window.

Another way around it is to open a new window from the dock menu. That will kick open a window with two tabs in it - the one from your click, plus a new blank one. Seems like under the hood, it’s responding to the click, but the last step of opening the window isn’t working.

This started within the last day or two.


Apologies for the late reply. Thanks for the great video @davidseibold.

To confirm, do either of these options work prior to quitting Brave:

  1. Menubar > File > New Window
  2. Right click on icon in dock and select New Window



Yes, both options work. I was just used to being able to click on the icon and have open. An extra step, but, word for me! :blush:


It should work, so I logged an issue and included your video:

Thanks again!

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