Browser Update Bug


Brave Team,

I’m very interested in the success of this project. I normally don’t do tech support feedback but brave needs to succeed. I’m currently using mac System Version: OS X 10.11.6 (15G1510)
The browser constantly notifies me with a “your browser needs to be updated details, later, update” I click update the browser closes, I have the current version, and the notification pops up again even though I just updated to the current version. This erroneous notification is annoying. I will continue to use this browser regardless because I believe in this project, but this error will give a bad first impression to people who are trying to get off of chrome or IE.

Thanks -MIke


@dumptruk sorry about that. It’s happened to a few of our users.

Would you mind trying the steps here?


Just make sure someone that can fix it knows about my complaint. I’m
telling all my friends about this browser I don’t want to sound like an
idiot for recommending a browser that’s full of bugs. It’s hard enough to
pry people off of chrome…


@dumptruk it’s being tracked here for developers.

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