Browser tabs open up in a new window far too easily


I am surprised that this has not already been raised as an issue.

For me, the slightest downwards pull on my mouse button while clicking on a tab, drags the tab into a new window. And when you drag it back NONE of the tabs in Brave then work properly.

It is SO SO frustrating and although I have been persevering with Brave, this combined with other instability issues means I am almost at the point where I am going to give up and go back to Chrome - which I really do not want to do.

Randomly opening new instance of Brave just for clicking on tab

Hi @bryanne

We have an issue logged to adjust tear off tab sensitivity, it can be tracked at the link below:

Additionally, we also have an issue logged for UI becoming unresponsive when reattaching a tab, this issue can be tracked here:

Thank you for reporting these items!



Thanks for logging this! I experience the same problem. I would like to have an option to disable tab detachment entirely if it is possible.

I also struggle to re-attach browser tabs which have become detached.

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